About IPR Cell
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IPR Cell

NGI TBI has formed an Intellectual Property Right(IPR) to look after the activities related to the Intellectual Property of the Start-ups incubated at Technology Business Incubator Institution and also to create awareness among Faculties, Research Scholar and the Students of the Institution.

NGI TBI IPR Cell is a platform for encouraging filing of IPRs and patenting the products/technologies for the benefit of the Start-ups, Students and thereby to society at large.

Dr. S. Prakash, CEO, NGI TBI is assigned to be the IPR Cell Coordinator to coordinate with Start-ups, Students, Scholars and Faculty to protect and acknowledge Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Geographic Indications of source, Copyright protection and other official procedures which will function in the NGI TBI premises.

• To create an awareness about IPR for Start-ups, Faculties and Students of the Institutions.
• To conduct Workshops, Seminars and Training courses on IPR.
• To impart training on future endeavours regarding patent filing processes.
• To motivate Innovators come with new ideas and help them to protect the innovation.
• To create an opportunity for Product development and Commercialization.
• To disseminate knowledge on patents, patent regime in India and abroad and registration aspects.

NGI TBI supports on the following for Protecting IPR

• Searching and Analysis
• Patent drafting support
• Patent filing and prosecution
• Assist in IPR protection on a case-to-case basis under proper confidentiality agreements.

Roles and Responsibilities of IPR Cell

• To promote better understanding of IPR and to identify more IPs.
• To establish IPR policy and implementation of the same.
• To maintain confidentiality agreement (Non-Disclosure agreement form).
• To guide in filing of IPRs applications such as Patents, Copyright, Trademark Registration etc in the patent office.
• To assist in Licensing and Technology Transfer.
• To assist the Investors on Technology mapping, Identification of Venture capitalist.
• To Generate revenue to the Organization through Technology Transfer, Commercialization and Royalty.
• To train in conducting Patent Search before starting any project works.
• To draft Patent complete specifications.
• To prepare application for Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).
• To reply to first examination report and to provide assistance during hearing.