About Us
About Us

Nehru Group of Institutions Technology Business Incubator (NGI TBI) has been established as a Society under the Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific & Charitable Societies Act, 1955 in the year 2018. The Registered office of NGI TBI is located at Palakkad, Kerala and operating office is at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

NGI TBI is catalysed and supported by National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, New Delhi. We nurture Technology and Knowledge based Enterprises in the domain areas of Healthcare and Internet of Things.

NGI TBI will act as a “One Stop Shop Business Incubation Centre” for Start-ups in facilitating Entrepreneurial & Innovative Ecosystem to all the stakeholders including the Students, Faculty, Industry, Investors and Society at large. NGI TBI is established at 24,000 sq.ft with State-of-art facilities for Start-ups that include Coworking Space, Seminar Hall, Laboratories, IoT Workstations, Conference Rooms and etc.

NGI TBI is a Business Innovation and Incubation Centre that supports Innovative Ideas. Since, there is need of technology growth and knowledge-based industries in today’s world. Now-a-days, new ventures are developing their ideas or start-ups growing in the country.

NGI TBI will be a platform for Technology development and Innovation for the Innovative minds to convert their ideas and start own business. NGI TBI provides the necessary support to help Entrepreneurs survive in the competitive market and reach a stage where they can scale-up their Ventures further through Infrastructure, Technical Assistance, Fund raising, Networking opportunities, Legal counselling, Marketing assistance, IPRs and etc..

It aims to guide and encourage all the innovative ideas, whether for a product, service, equipment, novel application, business model and technique or tool through the process of mentoring, funding, networking & leveraging platforms that yield the stated results.

NGI TBI is particularly open to proposals having Social and Commercial viability with strong strategic With establishment of NGI TBI, we are planning to organize Business Plan Competitions/ Innovation Camps/ Entrepreneurship with active involvement of Industries, for the Incubates to develop their skills and upgrade their ideas to new technologies. Start-ups will be guided and assisted on various aspects such as preparing project reports, obtaining project approvals, technical supports from industrialist and loans, etc under NGI TBI.

Only Technology Business Incubator

in South India
that promotes Technology based Enterprises in the
domain of Healthcare & IoT