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IOT Workstation

- Internet of Things
Overview of IoT Facilities at NGI TBI
Internet of Things in Next-Generation Innovation Technology Business Incubators (NGI TBI) is a cutting-edge concept that harnesses the power of IoT technology to enhance the functionality and efficiency of business incubators. NGI TBIs play a pivotal role in fostering innovation and supporting startups, and the integration of IoT into their operations can greatly amplify their impact.
Internet of Things

NGI TBIs typically house high end equipment that supports startups customized services and solutions to meet your specific needs in digital transformation. Facilities can access for project development from design, deployment, test and validation. IoT workstation equipment addresses new innovation and provides support in terms of research and development of new products.

Internet of Things
Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Internet of Things
Arbitary Function Generator
Internet of Things
Programmable Power Supply
Internet of Things
Arduino based IoT Experimenter
Internet of Things
Spectrum & Vector Network Analyser
Internet of Things
Analog Discovery 2
Internet of Things
Raspberry Pi 4 Experimenter
Internet of Things
IoT Experimenter with Sensors