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NGI Chairman & Managing Trustee Message

Entrepreneurship has emerged as the primary catalyst for economic growth in recent years, propelling the Indian economy to become one of the strongest globally. When appropriately nurtured, entrepreneurship holds the potential to revolutionize the Indian economy generating millions of new jobs. The initial stages of any new venture pose the highest risk for survival, particularly when access to resources is most challenging. Providing support at this critical juncture can significantly mitigate this risk. This is precisely where the “Nehru Groups of Institutions Technology Business Incubator (NGI TBI), established by Nehru Groups of Institutions, comes into play. NGI TBI functions as a nurturing resource center for creative entrepreneurs embarking on innovative ventures. It offers them crucial access to resources, allowing them to focus on solving the problems they aim to address. By providing infrastructure, technology, guidance, learning opportunities, networking, and mentorship to deserving and committed entrepreneurs, NGI TBI addresses key risks and substantially improves their chances of success. Over the years, as NGI TBI continues to support a growing number of entrepreneurs, it will make a significant contribution to nation-building and economic growth.

Adv.Dr.P.Krishnadas LLB, MBA, DEM, PhD
Chairman & Managing Trustee, NGI